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Study Proves Most Important Factor in Big Data: Speed and Size – Complexity biggest obstacle

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In an effort to gain more insight into the complex world of big data, we conducted a survey with big data users in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and posed a number of questions related to their company’s’ big data demands. In total, our survey reached almost 100 CIOs and CTO across the globe and we’d like to share the BIG results with you now.

As expected, speed is an important factor. Of all individuals surveyed, 33% reported a demand for analytical queries to quickly run and return results within 1-5 seconds while 77% reported a demand for results to return in less than one minute.

In addition to speed, the size of big data is another strong factor in determining solution requirements. Our survey results illustrate that companies define big data as mainly falling between 1TB – 9TB. Vectorwise, a solution that’s fast and easy to implement, can help with data of this size. And yes, we hate to brag, but Vectorwise also breaks records. Back in April, Vectorwise, achieved record-breaking performance for the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-H benchmark. Not to mention it got even faster with the release of Vectorwise 2.5.

When it comes to structured versus unstructured data, results show that at least 85% of big data solutions are meant to combat structured data as their number one priority.

While we expected some unfavorable factors to arise in big data solutions, we were a bit surprised that complexity outweighed high cost. Over 59% of customers reported complexity as their primary obstacle to implementing a robust solution, followed by high cost at 50%.

Overall, speed and size, coupled with the complexity of data, may add to a company’s big data challenges, but in order to harness its power, every company must enter the race.

If you’re interested in getting a more in-depth overview of our survey results, click on the link below to see the report in its entirety.
Actian Big Data Survey in pdf format

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